Nala and Lola on the Road

Here is another of Sarah’s intriguing photographic images, this of Nala enjoying the ride to (or from?) Michigan.

Photograph by Sarah Cohan

Thumbing through the August 2010 issue of Town & Country moments ago, I came across this:

By Priscilla Rattazzi, from her newest book, Luna & Lola

Photographer Priscilla Rattazzi, in her previous book of dog photographs (Best Friends, 1989), focused on the relationships between high profile dog owners and their canines. Rattazzi’s latest book (in the words of the Town & Country article)…

…is a love story. Atually, two love stories. One is between her golden retriever and her miniature dachshund, who gave their names to Luna & Lola… The other, more poignantly, is between Rattazzi and her mismatched but irresistible duo.


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